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Devices Biomag® very efficiently and comfortably help solve many health problems and that is also one of the reasons why they are becoming increasingly popular among customers. Innovative patented 3D pulsed magnetic field developed by Biomag® guarantees precise pulses and maximized targeting of magnetic therapy making the devices more effective than ever before.

Not only your customers, but also your sales teams will appreciate the high added value of Biomag® devices and all those people you help to achieve a better quality of life will remain an integral part of your own success.

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Market opportunities

  • Clinics
  • Home care
  • Sports Med
  • Vet care
  • Wellness

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Exclusive prices for distributors

We have been specializing in pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF) since 1991 and know our way around. That’s also why we can offer the best prices. Are you engaged in direct sales? Are you healthcare or wholesale distributor? We are ready to offer you best deals on all products. Check for yourself and get the lowest price and best products with Biomag®.

Reinforce your brand with our customized products

Custom combination of device settings? No problem. Selection of more than 30 applicators and many more convenient accessories in different colour combinations with custom labelling? That’s a standard with Biomag® original products. Contact us and make our products yours.

Wide range of indications, large market

Pain relief, improved transport of metabolites, faster healing. Magnetic therapy effectively helps with over a hundred health problems! It’s thus not surprising that there is a high demand for devices, such as Biomag® Lumina, in hospitals and physiotherapy centres and even in professional sports medicine and veterinary care. In addition, Biomag® devices are also a huge success in home care because of their safety and ease of use.

Patented 3D pulsed magnetic field

Therapeutic pulses produced by our devices are more efficient and more accurate. Most importantly, they are also able to act sequentially from different angles during applications thanks to the 3D rotation. So by joining Biomag® you will be selling a unique product that will most definitely shift your business towards the next frontier.

Clinical studies from around the world

Therapeutic effects were demonstrated in hundreds of clinical studies by teams of doctors and specialists around the world. Similarly, clinical evaluation of Biomag® devices showed a minimum of 77% effectiveness all thanks to our continuous research and constant progress monitoring that allow us to adapt to new conditions and maintain competitive advantage through successful innovations.

Quality verified by customers

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. After all, only a satisfied customer will suggest us ahead and create new customers. So we put maximum effort into delivering high-quality products and innovative solutions, providing the latest technology, high-efficiency and cost-effective long useful life and easy maintenance.

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Biomag® devices.
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Whether you are a direct home care sales company or healthcare distributor, Biomag® devices will boost your sales to a whole new level!


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